A 7-year-old girl who was brutally raped and murdered by a relative in Kerala’s Kollam area was found dead near a rubber shed in Kulathoopuzha. The family of the deceased were prevented from performing the last rites of the girl as the neighbours continued to hold them responsible for the incident. Local police had to shift the girl’s mother and other family members to an unidentified location in order to safeguard them from enraged crowd, who held them responsible for the girl’s murder.

The neighbours claimed that the minor was raped earlier as well and the family members kept shut intentionally. Alleging immortal behaviour from them, the neighbours insisted on eliminating the members from the rituals and the girl’s body was buried at her father’s house premises and not inside her mother’s house.

Alleging foul behaviour from the crowd, victim’s mother accused the crowd of mistreating her and not allowing seeing her own daughter. She also claimed that she was threatened for life by the crowd if she tried to intervene.

The culprit who has been arrested in the case is the brother in law of the victim’s mother. The State Women’s Commission has meanwhile ordered a probe into the matter and has assured the safety of the mother.

The commission said they will inquire the case and register the statements from locals, and also provide protection to the family if required. 

The seven-year-old went missing from Kulathupuzha on Wednesday and was found dead in the same locality. Police had arrested, Rajesh, a relative of the girl following the incident.

Rajesh later had confessed the crime and said he raped the girl and dumped her body after killing her.

The deceased was a student of standard 2 in a local Government school in Eroor. Her mother had filed a complaint after she had gone missing after school on Wednesday.