PUNE: Amid major chaos due to the ongoing FTII controversy, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi today met the students of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) to express the solidarity with the agitating students.
Here are the live updates of the event:
•The idea of IIT was an idea created many years ago. Now we need to think of an IIT of the 21st century: Rahul Gandhi
•You should do what you are designed to do: Rahul Gandhi to FTII students
•Rahul Gandhi asks of FTII students: Why do they want only one idea from India, why not multiple ideas?
•Calling anti-national or anti-Hindu are techniques to shut you(students) up – Rahul Gandhi in FTII
•RSS wants to promote their idea. They will call you anti-national, anti-Hindu. They r scared of you. That is the nature of a bully, says Rahul Gandhi.
•Rahul Gandhi launches attack on RSS. Uses FTII platform to target RSS.
•Lack of knowledge in people governing us. We are upset as government can’t tolerate dissent, students tell Rahul.
•Rahul asks students to list down their concerns. 
•FTII students brief Rahul Gandhi about Gajendra Chauhan’s appointment. 
•Protestors demand resignation of the FTII Chairman.
•Congress VP reaches FTII campus in Pune, to meet protestors.