SABONG: In another atrocious act reportedly initiated by Trinamool Congress (TMC) workers, a BA student was beaten to death in a college in Sabong, West Midnapore allegedly by Mamata Banerjee’s party supporters after he denied following the command to felicitate a state minister on Friday morning.
The murder came as TMC intends to extend its control on campuses across Bengal prompting the Left Front and Congress to call for protest in the state on Saturday.
While Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee joined the condemnation club, she continued to maintain that Trinamool Chhatra Parishad (TMCP) was nowhere involved in the incident. 
Not only this, passing the buck, Banerjee blamed Chhatra Parishad (CP), student wing of Congress, for locking up the principal.
On the other hand, Education Minister Partha Chatterjee tagging the victim Krishna Prasad Jana as an ‘outsider’ wondered what Krishna was doing in the college and said that he was ‘shocked and pained’ by the incident. 
The incident took place around 1:30 PM when TMCP supporters and outsiders barged into Sabang Sajanikanta Mahavidyalaya, where CP controls the students’ union. Screaming ‘TMCP zindabad’ slogans, the group entered the union room and demanded that all CP supporters should come out to greet the Trinamool minister Soumen Mahapatra, who was touring flood-hit Sabang.
Krishna was the most vocal when CP supporters were opposing to the demand. “Why should we go just because your minister is visiting our area?” Krishna reportedly told the alleged TMCP members following which some youths armed with sticks and iron rods pounced on him and dragged him out. Krishna was then beaten by a large number of people outside the library as students watched the incident in horror.
As Soumen Ganguly and Saugam Sen of CP tried to save Krishna, they were beaten too. According to the reports, some TMCP men locked the union room from outside and continued to attack Krishna until he started bleeding from his head, nose and mouth. The attackers then fled from the spot and CP supporters rushed Krishna to a hospital but a college teacher denied lending his car to them, Sen alleged. Krishna was then taken to a nearby hospital on a bike where he was declared dead on arrival.
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee denying all charges blamed the Congress for blocking access to the victim. “From what I have heard, the union room was locked from inside while the principal was locked in his office from outside. A clash broke out inside the union room and there was no way the principal could get out to prevent the attackers from beating the victim,” she was quoted in a media report.
Political violence is nothing new in Mamata Banerjee ruled state as compared to other parts of the country. But even as that stands true, it is shocking to see a young boy being beaten to death by the goons in full public view merely because he denied to bow down to a leader of a ruling party. 

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