PUNE: One of the most beautiful creatures in birds parrots are known for imitating voices and this is something they are adored for. Keeping them as pets is something each one would love to do but this woman appears to be quite offended by the breed.
According to the reports, a petted parrot has been accused of abusing an old lady who has filed a complaint against the owner of the parrot, her stepson.
The incident amazed the Maharashtra Police when a 85-year-old lady named Janabai Sakharkar arrived at the station to register a complaint against her stepson Suresh who allegedly taught the bird named Hariyal throw abuses at the old lady whenever she passed by. (Also Read: Did you know that parrots in Chittorgarh are drug addicts & cannot survive without opium?)
All three including the lady, Suresh and Hariyal have been summoned by the police. However, after being brought to the police station, the parrot did not utter anything.
As quoted, Police Inspector P S Dongre said, “There is a dispute over land and property between the woman and her stepson. We watched the parrot carefully, but it did not utter a word at the police station after being confronted by the complainant.”
Following the mental condition check up of the woman who was reportedly ‘harassed’ by Hariyal, the parrot was handed over to the officials. 

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