UTTAR PRADESH: The orders from the khap panchayat have often disappointed the nation. In one of the most recent orders and indeed the shocking ones, a khap panchayat in Uttar Pradesh has issued a diktat that a Dalit woman along with her sister should be raped and paraded naked in their villages as revenge for the ‘bad actions’ initiated by their brothers.
The khap panchayat issued the order against these innocent women for their brother’s actions of eloping with a married girl from the Jat community.
Soon after the order was issued, a 23-year-old woman fearing for life has moved the Supreme Court seeking protection for her and the family.
A resident of a village in the Baghpat district, the petitioner has accused that under pressure from the girl’s family, the local police imposed a false narcotics case against her brother. 
In spite of a local court granting him bail, the family was too scared to go back to the village to arrange surety documents to secure his release.
Headed by Justice J Chelameswar, the bench issued a notice to the Uttar Pradesh Police, which Meena has accused of being hand-in glove with the prevailing Jat community. The court has asked the state police to respond to Meena’s plea for a CBI probe into the incident.
The petitioner has claimed that her brother and the girl were in a relationship for last three years, however, the girl was married off to a Jat boy against her will this year in February. But only after a month, the girl escaped from her marital house and fled with her former boyfriend, brother of the petitioner. 
The family of the girl and the Uttar Pradesh police allegedly tortured the couple after which they decided to surrender. While the girl who claimed to pregnant with her lover’s child was sent back to her parents, the boy was arrested under the false drug case.
Meena’s family fearing threat to their life moved to Delhi following which their local house was ransacked and taken over by the Jay community.

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