In a disturbing incident surfaced from Thrissur Medical College Hospital, an ambulance driver allegedly left a critically injured elderly man on an inclined stretcher upside down outside the hospital. Reports said the ambulance driver was angry at the patient for vomiting and urinating inside the vehicle. The ambulance driver left the man unattended in the upside down position and had gone to collect the gloves to clean the ambulance. The patient died a few hours later. The ambulance driver has been arrested by the police.

The victim, who is yet to be identified, was critically injured in road accident in Palakkad on March 20 and had been first rushed to a private hospital nearby but was then shifted to the Palakkad district hospital. On Friday night, he was taken to Thrissur for better treatment. A video of the incident has surfaced online triggering outrage among the people against hospital authorities.

In the viral video, the injured man is seen lying upside down on a stretcher with one end of the stretcher supported by the ambulance’s door and the other end touching the ground. As per reports, the ambulance driver was apparently annoyed with the victim who had urinated and vomited inside the vehicle. Various television channels aired the visuals of the injured man lying upside down on a stretcher in front of the hospital.

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A case has been registered under Indian Penal Code Section 336 (endangering the life or personal safety of others) against the ambulance driver. The driver has been released on a bail and a probe has been ordered into the circumstances of the incident.

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