A 65-year-old woman who went missing from her village was finally found after four days but in bits and pieces. Her mutilated body was found lying in the den of a panther in the forest of Jagjeevanpur near Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Although the villagers have reiterated that she was devoured by the wild animal, the forest officials have rejected the claims saying it’s not a work of any animal.

Rampyari, a resident of Tundpura, went missing from her home on last Thursday and her family of four sons and a daughter were looking for her ever since. On Tuesday morning at 9 AM, someone from the village reported mutilated body parts of a woman in the hills of Jagjeevanpur, which is 8 km away from Tundpura village. Everybody from the village rushed to the spot and found blood-stained clothes, broken teeth and body parts spread around the ground.

The eldest son of the missing woman, Jal Singh, was called at the spot and it was then that he identified the mutilated woman as her mother Rampyari. The matter was reported to the local police station and forest officials who began a widespread search of the missing body parts of the woman.

A dog squad was deployed in the jungle which led to a den of a panther where an entire foot of Rampyari was found. The police have launched a full-scale probe in the matter to find out if any wild animal has done this brutality to the old woman or is it a crime committed by some man.

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