A debt-ridden businessman and his wife committed suicide after poisoning their 2 daughters in southwest Pune. According to the police reports, it is believed that 35-year-old businessman and his wife, killed their daughters before hanging them self. The case is registered with Uttamnagar police station and an investigation is still on. Police has identified all dead as Naresh Suresh Chaudhary (Businessman), Nilima Chaudhary (Wife), and 2 daughters Shravani Chaudhary and Shreya Chaudhary.

Briefing about the incident, Inspector Hemant Bhat of Uttamnagar police station told that they poisoned the 2 girls first, when they found them dead, they hung them self with the rope. The wife hanged herself first followed by her husband. A senior official also added that the Police is investigating each and every clue very closely. The businessman who had a plastic moulding factory also left a suicide note, cited crippling debt as the reason for ending the life circle, reads police reports.

The incident was reported to police by the brother of deceased businessman Suresh when one of the neighbours called him and said no one is responding from inside the house. The Police has sent the bodies of 4 decides to Sassoon General Hospital for the postmortem. The Family did not have many friends and they don’t speak up with many people, we only knew them by face, says a woman from the same society.   

The deceased businessman was under a big debt as his factory and Business was not doing good, so he took this major step, reports sources.

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