In what could come as a blow to restaurants having hookah bars, the Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain has said that Hookah smoking is not allowed in non-smoking zones as per section 4 of COTPA( Cigarette & other Tobacco Products Act) Health Minister Jain has conveyed to the Delhi Police and MCD to immediately cancel licenses of restaurants, eateries having Hookah Bars in Delhi. According to the government notification dated May 23, 2017 from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare completely prohibits the use of Hookah in the smoking zones also. Following government’s decision, licenses of Hookah Bars being run illegally in restaurants, eateries, and hotels in smoking as well non-smoking zones will be cancelled.

According to Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain, a raid was conducted by the State Tobacco Control in various parts of Delhi and picked up hookah samples. After the State Tobacco Control carried a chemical analysis of the samples, it was found that the samples had the presence of nicotine insignificant amount in almost all the sample even when they were being claimed herbal in nature. After this survey, a number of requests, letters were written to the Delhi Police, MCD in the last four years to take action against Hookah bars running illegally in the national capital to protect people from harmful effects of tobacco. However, the action is yet awaited and the violations are still going on in many parts of Delhi.

Hookah smoking has become a part of urban culture in metropolitans as many big restaurants, hotels have Hookah bars where Hookah is available in different flavours. It has even become a symbol status for many as many house parties, the urban gathering has this facility. People who are influenced by this trend is the young generations, the youths as for many, it has become a common practice and as part of leisure and lifestyle.

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a one-hour long Hookah session comprises 200 puffs compared to 30 puffs in a cigarette. Therefore it seems that in order to save the young generation and considering people health, the decision to cancel the license of Hookah bars has been taken by the government.