While the humans continue to expand their societies out of cities sometimes entering or disturbing the natural habitat interfering animals lives, a Mumbai resident discovered a 4.4 feet long crocodile who was found in a drain near a construction site in Mumbai. The incident was noticed when the locals present in the area discovered the crocodile following which they contacted the Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare (RAWW).

The Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare (RAWW) after they were informed about a crocodile being stuck in a drain at a construction site in Mulund, a team was sent to check the ground situation. The RAWW took to Facebook where they mentioned in brief about the incident. The RAWW informed that their team upon reaching to the drain site located the crocodile and tried to find out whether there was any route connecting the drain with croc’s natural habitat, however, nothing was found. Following this, the Mumbai Range of Thane Forest Department was informed and a process to rescue the crocodile was initiated.

Explaining the incident, the RAWW wrote on their Facebook profile, “The reptile was in a 5 feet pit connecting to a drain and there were possibilities of reptile ending up near the labour camp of the construction site or the work area which had potentials of leading into a Human-Wildlife Conflict situation. A 15 member team of wildlife rescuers from RAWW and the Mumbai Range of Forest Department began the rescue operation which lasted for 7 hours after which the crocodile was safely captured. Around 6 PM in the evening the water pumps and halogen lights were arranged to bring down the water level and good visibility. At the same time, a team was clearing the choked drain line due to which the water flow was slow which lead to the formation of a pit.

After two hours the water level decreased to an extent when the teams started setting nets in the pit. Around 8:45PM the crocodile was spotted which was hiding in a hollow space between the junctions of the drains in the pit. Around 9:25PM all the nets were properly set in the pit and the teams waited for an hour to allow the crocodile to move in the water and enter in the nets. Around 10:30 PM the first effort was called off as the crocodile did not move into the nets and soon preparations for the next started which was initiated 30 minutes later. Failing two more attempts when the teams changed the positions of the nets the crocodile entered the nets and was then safely removed out of the pit around 1:00 AM. It was then allowed to stabilize in the custody of the Forest Department overnight.”

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“It was headed for a medical examination to our Honorary Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. Rina Dev who identified it as a Male Marsh Crocodile, Weight 8.8 kgs, Age around 5 to 6 years approx. It was declared fit by Dr. Rina Dev after which its scutes were clipped for identification in future followed by all necessary paperwork the crocodile was released back to its natural habitat which shall remain disclosed for the protection of the reptile,” the RAWW added. Following this incident, the concerned authorities said while they don’t know how this happened, but we have totally messed up. 

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Posted by Pawan Sharma on Monday, 5 March 2018

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