A few days ago a video went viral where a man stole a bulb while exercising, this time it’s a dancing thief. A young man was seen dancing before attempting to break into a shop in Delhi, the guy was captured on CCTV footage. He was seen doing bhangra dance moves while looking in the direction of the camera as if there was an audience to see him. Another man was also spotted in the viral video, whose face was covered with a handkerchief to prevent his identity.

The black and white video shared by news agency ANI showed the 2 men dancing in the middle of the night. Later on, they proceeded to enter a shop and break it.

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According to media reports, the men are yet to be identified by the Police and location of the incident is yet to be found. According to the CCTV footage that went viral on social media, the incident was captured on Tuesday, July 10 around 1.11 am. Around 5 thieves broke into four shops in that narrow lane that night and ran away with goods worth lakhs of rupees.

In a similar incident, an unidentified man stole a bulb which was hung outside a shop on the pretext of doing exercises. After sometime, he was seen looking around the passing vehicles, following that he pulled the wire which was hanging above him.

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