An unfortunate incident occurred at the Guntur General Hospital, which is considered as one of the busiest hospitals in Andhra Pradesh when doctors were persuaded to conduct a plastic surgery under cellphone’s flashlight. The incident took place when doctors of the state run-government hospital conducted a plastic surgery under mobile’s flashlight due to light deficiency, which is required in the operation theatre. One of the doctors was forced to switch on the flashlight while the other doctor performed the surgery. 

According to a report published by India Today, when questioned, the hospital authorities said that they do not have sufficient funds to provide proper lighting in the operation theatre. The patient, who needed a nose reconstruction surgery after a dog bite is doing well said, Dr Rajanayak, the hospital superintendent told NDTV. Doctors conducted the surgery under cellphone flashlight at as lights over the operating table went off during the surgery. Guntur General Hospital is the largest government hospital in Andhra Pradesh. Government hospitals in Andhra Pradesh and healthcare centres are already facing various serious issues, due to poor infrastructure, patients in the past have complained about the inadequacy to the doctors. As a fallout, doctors in the past have protested against the deplorable conditions of the government hospitals, reported Deccan Chronicle. Apart from infrastructure issues, the medical equipment is another matter of concern, such as old X-ray machines. 

However, the state government on various occasions has claimed that the conditions of government hospitals have improved, vis-a-vis to private hospitals. India has 1 million doctors of modern medicine in order to treat its 1.3 billion population. Out of them, just 1.1 lakh work in the public health. As per a WHO (World Health Organisation) report, only 1 in five doctors in rural India is qualified to practice medicine. The report published in 2016, stated that 31.4%, calling themselves as modern medicine doctors were educated only up to class 12 and 57.3% doctors did not even have a medical qualification. 

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