Apparently, Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) leader from Madhya Pradesh, Ramesh Saxena has got hold of the Achilles Heal of all the agricultural problems caused by bad weather. Saxena, with all the conviction, told the farmers of his state to pray to the divine and he assured them that all of their farming problems will go away. He said that chanting of Hanuman Chalisa every day during the period of calamity is the most potent way to save the crops from rain and hailstorm.

While giving a very interesting solution to get over the farming issues that are caused by natural calamities, Ramesh Saxena said, “Vaigyanikon ne bataya hai ki agle 4-5 din tak prakritik prakop rahega, oley bhi aayenge aur baarish bhi hogi. Is aapda se bachne ke liye ek matra upaay hai Hanuman Chalisa. Sabhi kisaan bhaiyon se nivedan hai ki pratidin ek ghanta Hanuman Chalisa ka paath karein (Scientists have told us that the weather will be bad for the next 4-5 days. There can be hailstorm and heavy rainfall. To prevent such calamity, I suggest Hanuma Chalisa. All farmers are requested to chant Hanuman Chalisa every day).”

Mera ye dava hai ki agar har gaon me ek ghante Hanuman Chalisa ka pratidin aap logon ne paath kar liya to is prakritik aapda se nipta jaa sakta hai. Isiliye punah yuva saathiyon se nivedan hai ki pratidin ek ghanta, paanch dinon tak, Hanuman Chalisa ka paath karein (I guarantee that if people from every village chant Hanuman Chalisa for an hour every day, we can avoid such calamities. So I appeal to my young companions that they should chant Hanuman Chalisa for an hour every day for five days),” the BJP leader continued saying.

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