Be it a deteriorating rural region or an ever-improving metropolitan, the condition of roads in India is bizarre. The rural population of the country has more potholes than roads while the traffic congestion in urban areas is equally worse. But both the situations become impossible to endure in a case of medical emergency. In order to tackle the worst case scenarios, the government of Goa on Thursday launched 20 motorcycle ambulances which are equipped with basic life-saving equipment.

The fundamental objective of launching the bike ambulances is to make the medical help instantly available to a person in need of a medical emergency. The ambulance on two wheels has been equipped with two oxygen cylinders along with basic life-saving equipment. It will provide service to the places where four-wheeler ambulances are unable to reach. But it was reiterated by the government that the number of normal ambulances will not be lessened rather bike ambulances will help them.

Speaking to the media during the launch, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said, “These are going to serve as first respondents. Bike ambulances will not replace four-wheeler ambulances but will help them.” During the heavy traffic congestion, motorcycles are any day better than the four wheelers and the rapid bike ambulance service has proved effective in other states as well.

Before Goa, bike ambulance service was launched in Mumbai by the Department of Public Health and National Health in August, 2017 and according to reports, the Maharashtra Emergency Medical Services catered to more than 800 medical calls through bike within five months of its launch. The bike ambulance service is available in 10 areas of Mumbai, including Bhandup, Mankhurd, Dharavi, Nagpada, Malad, Charkop, Goregaon, Thakur Village, Kalina and Khar Danda.

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