A Dalit student of Andhra Pradesh on Thursday has written a letter to Human Resource Development (HRD) minister Prakash Javadekar and made harassment allegations on the school. The student is pursing in class 9 of Kendriya Vidyalaya in Anantapur district’s Goonty of Andhra Pradesh who has written a letter to HRD ministry saying that he was being subjected to the treatment because his father filed an RTI in 2013 inquiring about the appointment of security guards in the school.

“Our Physical Training (PT) teachers beat us on our legs. My father has complained about this to the administration. In return, they ask us to take a transfer certificate and leave the school. This is because my father filed an RTI,” Student wrote in his letter. The student is in Delhi from last 5 days, along with his brother Srinivasulu, father Nagaraj and mother Lakshmi Devi. The victim also carried his report cards with him to prove his academic excellence.

The principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya School, Bharati Devi, has denied the charges saying that when the student alleged the charges of harassment a proper inquiry was done at that time. “I joined in 2015 and that is when I discovered that Nagaraja has been complaining against KV staff of inflicting harassment on his children since 2010. This is not true, everything that we’ve done has been as per the norms of the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan.

The students carried a bag full of letters that they had written to authorities regarding issues like the termination of the parents’ services in the school in 2017.

The letter reads:

In the subject line of the complaint, Babu wrote, “Pradhan Upadhyaya ki jaati aur julmi vidhyadhiyo ke upar (Regarding the harassment in school inflicted by the principal).”

In his letter to the minister, the student said that the “upper caste staff of his school” was not letting him pursue his education.

“Some people from school are harassing us and not letting us take part in school activities — we are refrained from participating in sports, dance, and painting competition. We cannot join the Sanskriti department activities either.”

Babu further said that he was not allowed to sit for FA1 exams, and failed in class IX, “In class, I am made to sit separately from other school children. I was failed in class IX and not allowed to take the FA1 exams. They (the school authorities) are using various ways to harass us, other students don’t talk to us.”The 14-year-old said he “fears” going to school.

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