In yet another case showing that people in this world are still generous and humanity is alive, parents of an 8-year-old girl donated their daughter’s organs after she couldn’t survive a stroke. According to reports, the girl was suffering from a brain aneurysm due to which she suffered the stroke. A brain aneurysm is a weak spot in the wall of a brain artery that protrudes outward). Reports say such cases can result in life-threatening, however, they are rare in children. Hospital sources say that they tried their best efforts to save the child.

However, parents of the girl who couldn’t survive through her disease donated major organs. According to reports, Dr Sitaram Gawde, a medical superintendent consented to donate all the major organs once they were confident of the distribution system. The 8-year-old girl’s heart was donated to a 10-year-old girl after it was allocated to Fortis Hospital in Mulund. Apart from girl’s heart, the 8-year-old girl’s liver and kidneys were allocated to Jaslok Hospital and transplanted to patients who were in need, saving their lives.

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Organ donors are not the easiest task to deal and extremely difficult in rare cases. Therefore, during these times, people coming forward and leaving the taboo and their supernatural beliefs behind are contributing to the society by donating the organs is a practice which is rarely seen and witnessed. But in the case of this 8-year-old daughter, the parents of the girl set an example showing empathy to the existing reality and helping unknown people during their toughest times of life. 

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