Students of a Gowtham Model School, a private school in Hyderabad staged a protest in front of their school premises. The students of the private school alleged that they are stressed and suffer from lack of sleep due to school timings and also the overburden of tuitions and homework. The protesting students further added that their school starts at 6:30AM in the morning and ends at 7:30PM in the evening after which they have tuitions to attend and also have to complete the homework.

This hectic schedule of the student gets them only a few hours of sleep as they are able to sleep only after midnight. “We don’t even get enough sleep hours; forget play hours,” a protesting student said. More than 50 students gathered at the gate of the school and shouted the slogan, “We want justice.” Some of the students also said that they only get a recess time of 30 minutes during the 13 hours of the classes and sometimes even have to stay in school after the school hours.

“We have to wake up at 5.30am to attend school from 6.30am. While other schools run from 8am to 4.30-5pm, we are forced to attend classes till 6.30pm. Even after school hours, we have to complete our homework following which we go to bed only by 11.30pm,” another agitated student said.

Fed up with the style of functioning of the private school, the students approached a non government organisation and sought their help in this matter. Balala Hakkula Sangham, a child rights group brought the incident to the attention of the Collector of Ranga Reddy district and demanded strict action against Gowtham Model School in Hyderabad. More than 800 students are enrolled in this school and the school has an array of more than 40 staff members.

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