The feud between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Delhi ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is something which has never been hidden from the masses. Arvind Kejriwal’s brazen attacks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his early days were the second thing that garnered him massive attention after his development plans for the national capital.  There were times when the bitter quarrel between the two leaders wasn’t directly affecting the people. However, the time seems to be changing as the Delhi kids seem to be paying the price of their quarrel.

In a recent video that is going viral on the social media, residents of a society are seen begging the Municipal Corporation Department workers (MCD) to not to remove the swings from the park of their colony. However, the authorities were pretty much adamant on removing the swings as no heed was paid to the pleas made by the locals. The video that went viral states that it was the extreme efforts by the AAP MLAs that the kids had finally received swings in the park where they usually run to after their school gets over. Ignoring the kids, the MCD official removed all the swings placed in the park. As per the video, the official had brought around 3-4 workers to remove the swings.

In the video that viral, the locals kept asking the MCD official to wait for the right person but the MCD official kept ignoring the pleas and asked his workers to continue the work of pulling out the swings from the park. The video which was shared around 8 hours ago by a Facebook user Nehal Vaidya has received over 2.5k shares and the comments are still flooding by the time you read this. The people further criticised the BJP government — that holds majority in MCD. A user stated that all the park benches which were recently installed by AAP MLA Bhavna Gaud at Palam area were also destroyed.   

बेशर्मी की सारी हदे पार : आप् विधायक ने लगवाए पार्कों में झूले, भाजपा की MCD ने उखड़वा दिए

Posted by Nehal Vaidya on Tuesday, 13 February 2018

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