Uttar Pradesh was rated as the most unsafe state in the country when the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) on Thursday released the 2016 crime data according to which Delhi had recorded the highest cases of crime against women in 2016 among the metro cities, with a crime rate of 182.1 crimes per one lakh population. Pune was listed as the third most unsafe city with 354 rape cases. However, the numbers of sexual offences have surged surprisingly in the city which was once termed as the safest one in the state. A hospital data reveals, it alone received as many as 550 cases of sexual assault in 12 months and a majority of them were against minors.

Doctors at the Sassoon General Hospital in Pune witnessed at least 550 cases of sexual assault at the hospital out of which almost 70% were from Pune. The rise in the number of assaulted children and adolescents was alarming, the doctors were quoted saying by the Indian Express. The forensic department of the hospital revealed that 30% of the cases reported were against minors. The officers also mentioned that the number of unnatural sex offences has increased in the past few month. Adding that treatment in such cases requires sensitive attention. A large number of such victims were school-going children from poor families as per Dr Ajay Chandanwale, dean of the medical college.

Sassoon Hospital is the biggest hospital in the city which caters to a large number of patients on a daily basis. Such huge numbers reflect the state of apathy in the city. The fact that 66% of the 7,000 cases of sexual assault reported in the city are against the minors, it makes the situation worse. Despite efforts from the Women and Child Ministry, the situation is menacing.

Over the past few months, several instances of sexual assault have been reported from Pune. Earlier in October this year, owner of a high profile bar in the city was arrested for sexually harassing and assaulting several female employees. In September a teenager was arrested by the Airport Police in Pune’s Vimannagar area for sexually assaulting a minor. The 15-year-old boy lured the victim, a 7-year-old boy and took him inside an auto rickshaw where he sexually assaulted him.

In the latest crime data released by the NCRB, proved that cases against children have increased by almost 20% from 2014. All the major cities including Delhi, Kolkata, Pune found a place in the list of cities with crimes against women and children. 

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