Goa Police on Saturday arrested a woman for allegedly selling her infant son to a couple with no children. As per reports, the accused was identified as a 32-year-old, Shaila Patil, who was selling her 11-month-old son for Rs 2 lakh. The matter was highlighted after the husband of the woman came back home and found about the deal which woman had cracked with the couple. Later, after the husband filed a complaint with the police authorities, the woman along with others were arrested.

Taking cognizance of the complaint, the police arrested the alleged buyer known as Amar Morje. Also, two people accused of helping the mother to sell her child, were also arrested by the police. Commenting on the matter, the investigating police officer, Harish Madkaikar, said that the woman sold the child as she needed money. The mother of 11-month-old also kept her husband in dark about the deal she had cracked with the childless couple. The case has been registered at Ponda police station.

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During investigations, it was found that the accused woman, originally hailed from Pune. Reports suggested that the accused mother had sought help from two of her friends as she was in desperate need of Rs 2 lakh. The two friends had then contacted Morje who was childless and was willing to purchase the baby from the mother. The deal was later finalised on March 23. As per police reports, the time this deal took place the father of the child was away. After he found about the incident, he approached the police and filed a complaint. The woman and the other accused have been registered under anti-trafficking provisions by the Goa police.

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