In the Muzaffarnagar train tragedy, a case has been registered against unknown persons for causing ‘death due to negligence’ under Section 304-A of the Indian Penal Code. The locals have blamed the rail authorities for gross negligence. They have claimed that the rail tracks were under repair and that lead to the accident. Reports have also come up that the driver was unaware of the repair work.

Alleging the repair work as ‘unofficial’, the rail authorities have refuted the claims and have said that no repair work had been ordered.

The initial police investigations carried out on Saturday have also revealed that a gas cutter was used to sabotage the tracks. While informing that the alleged repair work was unauthorised, the police have called ‘human error’ to be the reason of the accident.

Minister of Railways Suresh Prabhu has ordered a probe into the matter, directing the Chairman of the Railway Board (CRB) to investigate the matter and identify the culprits behind the mishap.

A deadline has also been set by the end of the day to lead the investigation and identify the cause on the basis of prima facie evidence.

Tragedy struck when Puri bound Kallinga-Utkal express got derailed on the Haridwar route near Khatauli in Muzaffarnagar at 5:45 pm on Saturday. 14 bogies of the express got displaced while running off the tracks and crashed into a house near the railway tracks.

So far 24 deaths have been announced and more than 156 have been reported injured, while 10 are in a critical state.

The rescue work has now concluded and was carried out for more than 24 hours with 90 ambulances and 4 NDRF teams being rushed to the spot at the time of the accident.