Have you ever thought of getting out the ‘exact’ details of where your hard earned money is going? How about if your Government tells you that your endeavours are getting their place effectively into someone’s beauty and just to defend let’s say they are poor. Yes, this is what happening in Tamil Nadu, after free canteens, goats, laptops and bicycles to underprivileged, the state is now offering free breast surgeries including breast implant to poor women. The other medical care reasons did took a corner in the segment of free offerings but breast implant is actually for those who wants to look beautiful specially from the poor section of society.

“If a poor woman desires to look beautiful, we will support her financially’’, says state’s health minister C Vijaybasklar. In much concern he adds” poor people also have right to look beautiful’’. “Whether they require medical procedures or beauty treatment, it will be free.” The offerings have sparked out controversy amongst critics who says State Government is wasting public money instead of spending it on genuine serious medical ailments of the people. The scheme got it start at a State run Clinic in Chennai which promise to soon expand it to other districts as well. Cosmetic breast surgeries are reportedly getting much popularity in India, but private hospitals charge around 1.5 to 2.5 lacs for the procedure. 

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“This seems to be a scheme sans priority. There are more serious life-threatening diseases which need huge resources for treatments. The State ought to find means to help such patients in need of life saving supports than spending on cosmetic surgeries. Beauty is only in the eyes of the beholder State funds ought to be put to better and important needs’’, says Chennai based Senior advocate and human rights activist Sudha Ramalingam. V Ramadevi, who heads the clinic told media that some women want such surgery because they ‘’face psychological issues that may severely impact their lives’’.  

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