Friday, September 30, 2022

Prashant Kishor says No Party for a while, announces 3,000 km run Padyatra in Bihar

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Prashant Kishor, whose recent political actions have been closely followed, stopped short of declaring a new party today, but said he will devote himself to ushering in a new dispensation in his home state of Bihar.

The ace electoral strategist has scheduled a 3,000-kilometer padyatra or march beginning October 2 to meet “as many people as possible” as part of his goal to deliver “nayi soch, naya prayas (new thinking, new effort)” to Bihar.

Prashant Kishore, or PK, noted that there will be no elections in Bihar in the foreseeable future, so forming a political party is not in the cards for the time being. However, he left unanswered questions about his future.

“I want to start from scratch, and I plan to spend the next three to four years reaching out to people with the idea of Jan-Suraj (public good governance),” he stated.

While announcing his Mission Bihar, the strategist dismissed speculation about potential coalitions with the state’s big parties, criticising both Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar’s rule.

He claimed that the “past 15 years” have been difficult for Bihar. “I am not going to announce any political programme or political party today, as has been speculated.”

“I hope to bring together all those in Bihar who want to see change.”

“If we decide in the future that we need to form a political party, it will not be Prashant Kishor’s party,” he continued. It will be a party for the masses.”

He claimed that in the last three months, his team had found 17,000 people who believed in good governance. “Around 90% of these folks say Bihar requires new thinking.” “I’m going to try to meet as many individuals as I can personally over the next three to four months,” he stated.

Prashant Kishor also stated why his conversations with the Congress had come to a halt.

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