In an unfortunate incident, a 35-year-old software engineer Jayeshkumar Patel, his 30-year-old wife Bhumika and 4–year-old son Naksh were found dead in their apartment in Basant Bahar Cooperative Society on the Baner Pashen Link Road in Pune. The incident came to light when Jayeshkumar did not go to office for two consecutive days and also couldn’t be contacted by the office officials. After which his colleagues and friends suspected something portent and contacted apartment neighbours, who soon realised that the apartment door had not been opened for last two days. After which, they informed the police at around 11 pm on Thursday.

A police team rushed to the spot and broke down the apartment’s door. The police recovered the bodies of Jayeshkumar, Bhumika and their son Naksh from the apartment. The police sent the bodies to a nearby hospital for autopsy. In the initial report, police said that they saw rope marks on necks of Jayesh Kumar and Bhumika. Police also said that they saw some kind of liquid foam near the body of 4-year-old Naksh. The investigation also revealed that the child was suffering from fits disease. No suicide note was recovered from the site.  Police believed that after the child succumbed to the condition, Jayeshkumar and Bhumika committed suicide by hanging themselves.

Police said they have started the investigation to know about the actual reason behind the three deaths. The family belongs to Ahmedabad and shifted to Pune in 2014 because of Jayeshkumar job. Since then they were living in the Basant Bahar apartment.

“Prima facie, we believe that the couple was upset because of their son’s illness. Just a few days ago, they had taken him to a hospital for treatment… Naksh may have died of the illness. His parents were unable to bear the loss and they may have committed suicide together. No suicide note was found. We have not received information about any other problems the Patel family was facing,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone III, Ganesh Shinde.

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