In an unprecedented incident, a woman from Pune has become a grandmother to two twins with the help of surrogacy using her son Prathamesh Patil’s cryo-preserved semen. With the help of IVF treatment, Pune’s Sahyadri hospital fused the Prathamesh Patil’s semen, extracted and preserved in Germany, with the eggs of a donor to form embryos. Then, the embryos were transmitted into the womb of a surrogate mother, who gave birth to the twins — a boy and a girl on Monday. Her son succumbed to cancer two years ago in Germany. Finally, the family is happy after the shocking incident happened in September 2016, said Patil’s mother Rajashree Patil.

“The death of Prathamesh was a shock to our family. Health experts in Germany suggested that Prathamesh started chemotherapy and radiation procedures to get rid of the cancer disease. They also asked him to preserve his semen to avoid any negative effects on his body post-treatment,” the woman who became the grandmother to twins said. Prathamesh was suffering from a stage 4 cancer. His situation was getting out of control, after which his mother Rajashree Patil tried to bring back Prathamesh from Germany to India. However, he suffered convulsions and also lost his vision due to the disease. Keeping in mind his serious situation, Prathamesh family brought him back to India in 2013 and admitted him to a hospital in Mumbai for further treatment.

While the treatment was underway, his health started improving. But again a recurring tumour was detected in his body and he succumbed to a malignant tumour in September 2016. After the death of Pratahamesh, his family wanted to get back her son. The mother contacted the semen bank in Germany where Prathamesh Patil’s semen was cryo-preserved. After completing all the formalities, finally, the family succeeded to brought the semen to India. Along with the semen, the family contacted the Sahyadari hospital in Pune for an IVF treatment. Talking about the matter, Supriya Puranik, the head of IVF, gynaecology and obstetrics department at the hospital, said that the woman is happy that science and technology advancement is bringing a smile on people’s face.

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