In Rajasthan’s Barmer district, bodies of 3 minors-two Dalit girls and a Muslim Boy were found hanging from a branch of a tree in Swaroop Ka Tala, a remote village, The incident took place on Friday, 13 April, and the bodies were found by locals of the area. The mysterious death has left many questions unanswered. According to father of one of the girls, Bhairu Meghwal, Shanti (13) and niece Madhu (12) were sleeping in the house on Thursday night but found that in midnight they were missing. “Their bodies were found on Friday morning”, he added.

As per a report by Indian Express, the father of another girl, Kishan Meghwal, pointed finger at Deshal Khan, the 17-year-old boy who was often found with the dead girls. “A year back, we had convened a panchayat meeting, where I had complained that Deshal would often loiter around our houses. He was not a good boy, a few of his friends would often create a ruckus in the village,” Mghwal told Indian Express. According to locals in the village, the death came after a perennial relationship between the 3 deceased, who all were illiterate and belonged from agrarian class.

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On the other hand, the boy’s father, Kasim Khan claimed that his son committed suicide. But the Meghwals alleged that the girls were raped and murdered. They also alleged that the Muslim community threatened them. The strife between Meghwals and Muslims has resulted in loss of trust and locals being dubious of strangers. “Neither the Meghwals nor the Muslims are telling the full truth. I think there’s a lot more than meets the eye,” said another villager, Alam Khan.

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