In a rare and strange video which has surfaced from Jharkhand’s Khooti district will leave you amazed at the kind of education being provided to the students of the district. A shocking way of teaching that raises questions on education system being run in Khuti’s Udabaru village where instead of children being sent to the government schools, they are being provided education in classes being run by the village council. However, it will leave you stunned after getting to know the kind of education being propvided to students in these villages.

According to a video which has gone viral on the internet exposing education system in the nations, children are being taught Hindi and English using ways that will make you think twice about how knowledge is being imparted to the children. According to video, the teacher who is teaching Hindi to the students uses examples like च stands for Chacha Nehru used to be PM of thieves, घ stands for the person who rings Ghanti (bell) is a Brahmin and other examples. Well, this was the way, the person was trying to teach Hindi to students. Now here is how English Alphabets were being taught to the children. A for Aadiwasi (Tribes), B for Videshi (Foreigner), C for Chota Nagpur (Small Nagpur), D for Dharti (Earth) and many more.

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It’s seriously a worrisome situation for the children and future of this country if the standard of education in villages is like this and at the same time it raises serious questions about the foundation of education of children if they are taught in this manner, using these examples. 

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