“A respect given by a uniform to a uniform shows the value of discipline,” reads the caption of a recent video uploaded by Bengaluru City Police on its official Twitter handle. The gesture of respect was caught on camera and went viral the moment it was shared online. The video was uploaded on March 9 and has garnered over 1,300 likes on Twitter. On Facebook, the video has nearly 92,000 views and got shared for 1,600 times. The act of respect is gathering a lot of praise on the social media networking sites.

In the video shot on camera, Bengaluru city police commissioner T Suneel Kumar was walking with some of his colleagues outside Bengaluru’s Mallya Hospital. Suddenly, he was stopped by a passing boy who took a moment to salute him. After witnessing boy’s gesture, the police commissioner salutes backs at the schoolboy. The entire incident came out to be the perfect example of respect is a two-way game. As per reports, T Suneel Kumar has joined Bengaluru City Police in August last year.

“A boy’s salute becomes a discussion point but the rolling tears of thousands of #DreamzGKFraud Victims has no space in our media world, @CPBlr sir look at our plight and suffering, punish the Cheaters and help us recover our money @CMofKarnataka @CIDKarnataka @PratapReddyC,” reads a comment on the viral video. Another comment on the same post read: “A rare cop in Police service and a rarer picture in Indian history. Bengaluru top cop sets an example for his team and many arrogant cops (Traffic/Law&Order) on duty  in Bengaluru.”

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