Adding another name to the list of women killed by stalkers, 19-year-old M Aswini, was killed by a man who slit her throat in broad daylight near the entrance of her college in Chennai on Friday. According to the police, the girl was a first-year student of Bachelors of Commerce at the Meenakshi Academy of Higher Education and Research. After the incident, the girl was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was declared dead. The incident took place brought back the dark memories of June 2016 attack on Infosys employee, who was also killed by her stalker. 

As per reports, the incident took place around 2:45PM, Aswini was walking towards a bus stop when she was attacked by the accused, Alagesan (26) who attacked her with a knife. The man slit her throat, killing her instantly. The people who were passing by caught Alagesan and thrashed him before handing him over to the police. Family members of the girl later told that they had filed a complaint against Alagesan last month. The accused was stalking the girl for a very long time and was insisting her to marry him. He was arrested and traumatised too. The incident took place after Alagesan had secured a bail.

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Alagesan suffered severe injuries on the face after being beaten up the people around. The police admitted him to a hospital later. “As they were quarrelling, he took out a knife and slit her throat. Subsequently, he poured kerosene on himself and tried to set himself on fire. But the people nearby caught him” a senior police officer was quoted saying. As per reports, Alaesgan claimed to be Aswini’s husband and it was Aswini’s family that opposed to their relationship. After the incident, the students have requested the police to deploy more police personnel near the college for the time it is open.

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