Two brothers from the Datiya zilla in Gwalior have started mushroom farming in a small room. The brothers learned the technique of mushroom farming on just a small mobile phone using the YouTube app. Within just a period of 2 months, their technique reaped them success and are now running a good business by the selling of their mushroom produce. Earlier, identified as Bhagchandra Rajput and his paternal cousin brother Kalyan Rajput, earned their family’s living by farming on their 15 acre land each. Sadly, this year their farms as well as the local well in their village remained dry due to less rainfall.

As a result, the brothers learned to access YouTube and used this knowledge to further expand their learning about Mushroom Farming and the various techniques they could use to increase their farm production. Therefore, they decided to adopt Mushroom farming but their road to success was not so easy. One of the major hurdle for the duo was that they could not find mushroom seeds anywhere in their neighboring villages. However, where there is a will there is a way. After researching and gaining information, they went to the Gwalior state where they bought 1 kg mushroom seeds for Rs 100. The two brothers planted the mushroom seeds in small polythenes and after about 2 months, the mushrooms were ready for sale.

Farm Scientist Dr RKS Tomar from the Krishi Vigyaan Centre revealed that mushroom farming is happening in 4 places in the zilla. Other Farm scientists further revealed that the growth of mushrooms is particularly low in the winter season but it will improve in the months from February – October in which it yields the maximum production. Brother duo Bhagchandra and Kalyan planted 1 kg mushroom seeds in 18 polythenes. After the mushroom were fully grown, they went to their neighboring villages to sell their produce but there were no buyers. Hence, they decided to go to Gwalior and sold the mushroom at the rate of Rs. 470 per kg. The special element of their innovative measure is that they do not require a large farmland but just a small room.

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