The next time someone has a complaint to make against the authorities in Uttar Pradesh’s Ramnagar, they better be prepared for anything, and everything. The video of a man clinging to a moving car’s bonnet is going viral on social media with the driver hitting the pedal with gusto to teach the clinger-on a lesson. Reports say the voice heard in the video is that of a UP administrative official and the other is a protester. After the video went viral, the officials of Ramnagar are now investigating the case and the blame is yet to be apportioned.

Coming back to the video, a small protest ended up going viral. On April 11, a group of villagers surrounded the office of block development officer Pankaj Kumar Gautam. According to a report in the Indian Express, the villagers were demanding the second instalment of funds for building toilets in the village. After waiting for hours, the unattended protesters started demonstrating outside the officer’s house. Finally, Gautam came out of his office, but instead of addressing the villagers, he went straight to his car.

The officer quickly got into the car as the angry villagers followed him. Agitated villagers blocked his car, disallowing him from leaving, even after, he honked a dozen times. Suddenly, a villager, Brij Pal, jumped on to the bonnet of the official’s car. This was enough to make Gautam angry, who suddenly pressed the accelerator. Besides stopping the car, the angry officer drove the vehicle for four kilometres with Brij Pal holding on to the bonnet and his dear life.

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Suddenly, Gautam realised that his furious actions could get him into trouble, so he made a video of Brij Pal clinging to the bonnet of the car and later filed a complaint against him. In the end, the protester can be seen warning the Block Development Officer that he will not let him get away with the serious offence.

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As per reports, after District Magistrate Virendra Kumar Singh heard of the incident, he set up a three-member committee headed by the Chief Development Officer to investigate the incident. Incidentally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed in Bihar recently that 8.5 lakh toilets were being built in the state each week. While that figure has been mocked and panned and praised, it is indeed startling that the BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh is not releasing funds while ally Janata Dal United-led Bihar seems to be doing much better.

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