Uttar Pradesh teacher makes students clean her car: Garima Saraf, a primary school teacher in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur district was reportedly suspended from the Khapharwa school on Friday, December 7, for making students clean her car. The shocker came to light after a video clip of the grave incident went viral on social media a day before her suspension. A report by Times of India said the video was filmed on Wednesday.

In the video, students of the primary school were captured cleaning the teacher’s car. This is clearly not the first time the young boys were seen doing the gruesome task, a local resident of the nearby area said kids were often seen washing her car. Following an investigation, the school authorities suspended the teacher.

Another similar shocker came to light after a photo was found in which students were seen cooking at another primary school. Following which a teacher was suspended in the case.

Stringent directions have been given to Uttar Pradesh primary schools to thwart such grave incidents and to cease the salary of those teachers who often show laxity at workplace, media reports said.

Government schools in Uttar Pradesh have often hit headlines. In May 2017, a baby snake was found in the food served to children in Uttar Pradesh’s Faridabad girls school.

Though many students were immediately stopped from consuming the poisoned meal, there were reports that some of them had consumed some part of it, some of the students had even reportedly vomited after its consumption.

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