Outraged by the abduction of a married Hindu woman, the workers of Bajrang Dal on Tuesday threatened the Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut authorities if they fail to trace the woman, who they claim has been un kidnapped by a 25-year-old Muslim man. However, the police claim that the duo appears to be together willingly. According to a report, the accused identified as Shahzad abducted the 23-year-old woman on April 8 while she was on her way to her relative’s house with her spouse just a few days after their wedding.

Giving more details about the case, Senior Superintendent of Police Rajesh Kumar Pandey reportedly said the two had filed a petition to Allahabad High Court on May 5 for the police protection. “But we have not officially got a copy of the court’s view. The girl may have gone with him (Shahzad) willingly and it appears that her parents might have forced her to get married…”.

Speaking to media, the girl’s brother informed that the family have approached the High Court and have been given a month to respond. “We will put our case before the High Court to get our sister back,’’ he said.

The brother further claimed that the girl did not have a mobile phone and questioned how they could have gotten in touch. As per the reports, 4 police teams have failed to trace the duo, with Bajrang Dal alleging it to be a case of “love jihad”.

The police have written to Facebook to trace the location of Shahzad as he has been uploading pictures and updating his status on the social media site.

The brother has shot allegedly while returning home after meeting the police officers on April 17 in connection with the alleged abduction. Police Rajesh Kumar Pandey further said “Shahzad is the main accused in connection with the attack. We will trace him soon”.

The report suggests that Shahzad uploaded a photo on May 21 with the woman wearing a saffron dupatta in the backdrop of Amritsar’s Golden Temple. Outraged by the incident Bajrang Dal’s Balraj Dungar said, “Lakhs of party workers are ready for safeguarding the saffron attire. We are ready to fight for the Hindu honour as we will not tolerate deliberate attempts to hurt our sentiments on Facebook. We will be forced to launch an agitation if the police failed to trace them soon.

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