Tamil Nadu police came under fire on Monday after a video of a woman constable drinking on duty went viral across various social media platforms. The woman police officer was seen drinking in her police uniform with her colleague and in what appeared to be a patrol vehicle. As soon as the video came to the police’s knowledge, they confirmed the authenticity of the video and took swift action against the constable and suspended her from duty.

According to reports, Zainab Nisha is posted in Saminathapuram police station near Palani town of Dindigul district, Tami Nadu. On Monday, a minute-long video surfaced on WhatsApp, Youtube and other social media platforms where she was seen consuming liquor with her colleague. The video is apparently recorded by the colleague in, reportedly, a patrolling car.

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The woman is shown holding a glass and conversing with her colleague, who is not visible in the video. She can be seen fumbling and unable to open her eyes due to the immense influence of alcohol. After the video went viral, the Tamil Nadu police were lampooned by the public as it is against the rules to drink on duty and it depicts the police in the very bad light.

As soon as the video reached to the higher police officers, they immediately initiated the process of confirming the authenticity of the video. After it was confirmed the woman constable was drinking during her duty hours, she was handed a suspension. A further inquiry was put in place against her.

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