In a bone chilling incident which has surfaced from Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur, two women were brutally thrashed by a group of 3-4 men. Following the incident, which took place on November 12, 2017, a case has been registered by the police and an investigation is underway. The incident came into public view after a footage of the brutal and disgusting thrashing of two women was recorded on a CCTV camera that was installed near the incident site. Watching this atrocious incident, the locals also ran up towards men and tried to save the women. 

According to the CCTV footage, it can be seen a man is coming shouting and picking up bricks and  stones from the ground and targeting the house. Though the audio is not that clear, therefore it is hard to figure out what the man is shouting about, it seems that he is calling somebody present in the house. A moment later, a woman comes in Pink dress comes out from the house following which both the woman and man indulge in verbal spat. Incidentally, 2-3 other men comes in between and indulge in the verbal spat. The man, who was throwing bricks at the house attempts to hurt the woman, for a second, the other men try to stop him, but a moment later all three men starts brutally beating the woman, and partially drags her. Watching all this happening, another lady comes from the same house and try to save the woman who was being shamefully, disgustingly thrashed by around three men.

In a more disrespectful and horrifying manner, the men did not even spare the other lady who seems to be a bit elder, and continued to thrash her. However, the cause of this spat is not clear yet, though an investigation in the case has been initiated by the police. Also, there is no official statement from the police officials regarding the incident. 

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