A bewildering incident occurred when a 25-year-old woman named Sweety Sen allegedly disguised as a man for 4 years, conned two women into marrying her and traumatised one of them for dowry, claimed Uttarakhand’s Haldwani on Thursday, February 15. Sweety was arrested on February 14 on charges of impersonation, fraud and forgery. The lady used to pose as a man in order to look attractive and entice other females on social media platform, Facebook and later on got married to the 2 women.

With a disguised name, Krishna Sen, in 2014 travelled to Haldwani’s Kathgodam area in order to meet a woman she became friends with, through social media platform. According to the police, she told the Uttarakhand woman, known as Kamini, that she was the son of a businessman from Aligarh. As the two women got married, Sen allegedly started manhandling Kamini for dowry. The disguised man also allegedly took Rs 8.5 lakh from Kamini’s family, according to a statement provided by the police.

Two years later, another girl from Uttarakhand’s Kaladhungi acquainted with Krishna and got married in 2016. The second wife is identified as Nisha. However, Nisha came to know that Krishna was not a man, but she was lured by her to keep silent, by promising the former of monetary gains. According to a report published in the national daily, Hindustan Times, after the wedding, Sweety Sen did not let the two women look at her body parts and used other means to consummate the relationship. However, a medical examination proved that Sen was biologically a woman. Nonetheless, Sweety was originally charged with dowry harassment, but later on, police confirmed that they modified the complaint as none of the two unions qualified as marriage. Police have also said that they are looking for Sweety Sen’s family members who were present at both the weddings and allegedly visited the homes of the copnned women, identified as Kamini and Nisha.


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