YSRCP parliamentary Party Chief And general secretary Vijay Sai Reddy raised the media gag order by the high court in Rajya Sabha And yesterday the same issue was raised in Lok Sabha also. The YSRCP MPs protested in the parliamentary premises and demanded the CBI enquiry into alleged Amaravathi (capital Of Andhra) land scams , insider trading and AP fibre net scams. Vijay Sai Reddy regretted that Andhra Pradesh has been facing not only financial troubles but also judicial troubles. He raised in Rajya Sabha the issue of the Andhra Pradesh high court issuing an order allegedly gagging the media from reporting on an FIR lodged against a former AG , two Daughters Of a Supreme Court Judge along with 12 others. He questioned the legitimacy of the order on the floor of the house. The same order also went onto enforce a stay on the investigation being carried out by the ACB and the same was also questioned by the MP.

During a discussion Vijay Sai Reddy said: “The court has taken some quite unusual and legally questionable decisions. The state is suffering not only financially but also judicially. A quite unusual and legally questionable decision has been taken in the interim order of the AP HC, imposing a ban on media and social media from mentioning anything related to a FIR filed by the police against the former Advocate General of the police and others.” Stating that it was an unusual order from the court, the Chief Of the parliamentary party said there appeared to be no material to justify such censorship other than the allegation by the petitioner that it has foisted the case. It also accompanies an order saying that there would be a stay on the case itself.

“This is political vendetta being practiced by someone who has served during the previous regime. The Judiciary is not impartial. Judiciary is biased against the Government of Andhra Pradesh,” he alleged.

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Vijay sai Reddy said the state of Andhra Pradesh is role model in controlling covid 19 with high number Of tests . He remained the low mortality rate in Andhra.

Similar issue was raised by YSRCP floor leader in Lok Sabha P Mithun Reddy. “Law should be equally implemented for every citizen, be it the PM or a common man,” Mithun Reddy said.

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