The YSRCP MPs are all set to up the ante against the TDP, its president N. Chandra Babu Naidu, son Nara Lokesh and various other TDP leaders who are allegedly resorted to illegal ways of making profits via illegal transactions pertaining to land deals in and around the proposed capital of Amaravati by pushing for a full fledged CBI probe into the matter during the Monsoon session of the Parliament.

On the 29th of June, 2019 , upon receiving multiple complaints pertaining to largescale corruption allegedly carried out by the N. Chandrababu Naidu led TDP government , the Government of Andhra Pradesh setup a Cabinet Sub-Committee to probe into the alleged irregularities connected to a massive scam related to numerous illegal transactions linked to the Amaravati capital region. It is important to note that the TDP government decided to designate Amaravati as the capital city of the newly carved out state of Andhra Pradesh, despite the concerns raised by the Expert Committee under the chairmanship of Sri. KC Siva Ramakrishna.

The Cabinet Sub-Committee found the following irregularities

1) Insider Trading, i.e , persons privy to the likely location of capital purchased lands in the region just prior to the formal official declaration.

2) Certain highly placed individuals procured lands through benami transactions

3) Defining the capital boundary of the capital area to benefit certain connected people, holding lands on the fringes.

4) Fraudulent surrender of Lanka, rogue (Poramboke), Government Lands towards the LPs scheme to receive lands in return

5) Irregularities in land allotment

6) Violation of provisions of AP Assigned Lands Act of 1977

7) Violation of provisions of SC/ST ( Prevention of Atrocities ) Act, 1989

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A verification of registration records revealed that (at least) a whopping 4069.94 acres of land was purchased by persons privy to information of the location of the capital and related benamis, between, 1st June 2014 & 31st December, 2014 at nominal prices. Considering the fact that the then CM , Chandra Babu Naidu declared that the capital was going to come up in Amaravati on the 28th of December , 2014, such widespread purchase of lands by people close to him directly points at insider trading and reveals the fact that information pertaining to the location of that capital was leaked out to suit vested interests.


JUNE : 530.69 ACRES
JULY : 685.34 ACRES

Starting from the then CM , Chandra Babu Naidu and his family, various prominent TDP leaders and their benamis purchased land during this period. Here’s a list of the accused leaders, along with the amount of land purchased :

N. Chandra Babu Naidu & family : The then CM and his family purchased a total of 14.22 acres of land exactly adjacent to the proposed inner ring road of the proposed capital.

Vemuru Ravi Kumar Prasad, a close associate of Nara Lokesh : V. Ravi Praad, a known associate of Nara Lokesh and family purchased a total of 25.68 acres.

Paritala Sunitha ( Former Minister ) : Paritala Sunitha, a former TDP minister purchased lands in the name of her son-in-law , his family member and their company P.R Infra Avenues , the directors of which include Paritala Sunitha’s son and son-in-law.

Lingamaneni Ramesh, an entrepreneur who is known to be close to Nara Chandra Babu Naidu purchased a total of nearly 80 acres of land, in the name of his company’s director Y.Subba Rao and their associates.

Apart from the above mentioned people, evidence of various other TDP leaders like P.Keshav, Lanka Dinakar, K.Sridhar, D. Narendra, K. Rammohan Rao, P.Pulla Rao , Nara Lokesh , K. Siva Prasad D. Narendra Chowdhary and others resorting to insider trading to garner profits, exists.
Evidence proving that the boundary of the capital was altered in order to benefit people like MSP Rama Rao, Kodela Siva Prasad, Lingamaneni Ramesh, Y Sivalinga Prasad and other linked to the then Government and CM was obtained by the Cabinet Sub-Committee. The scam goes to the extent of changing the course of the proposed inner ring road in order to benefit close confidantes, says the Cabinet Sub-Committee report. The report further goes onto say that a total of 60 people who are directly linked to TDP leaders tried to buy assigned lands from the assignees in the region while some even went to the extent of threatening or intimidating them in the process. Known associates of Nara Lokesh, Gummadi Suresh and B Srinivasa Rao are a part of this list.

It was based on the above mentioned irregularities and sets of evidence that the Cabinet Sub-Committee recommended the Government to immediately take appropriate steps under the civil and criminal laws to bring the wrong doers to book in the larger interest of the state.

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