Friday, December 1, 2023

Rishi Sunak Speaks with Zelenskyy, Russia Says No Hopes for Ties with UK

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Rishi Sunak, the newly appointed UK Prime Minister, met with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy and emphasised the UK’s sympathy and support for the Ukrainian people.

“It is an honour to chat with the Ukrainian president. Tonight, Vladimir Zelensky. He can rely on the UK’s ongoing sympathy and assistance, as can the Ukrainian people. Ukraine will always have our support “Sunak tweeted after the exchange.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin, had earlier responded to the possibility of improved ties between Russia and the UK following Sunak’s appointment by saying on Tuesday, “No, at the moment, we do not see any prerequisites, grounds, or hopes for such positive movements in the near future.”

In an earlier letter on Ukraine’s Independence Day, then-UK Prime Minister candidate Rishi Sunak praised the nation for its unwavering fortitude in resisting Russian “attack” and pledged support from the British people while the conflict in the nation raged on, according to the Russian news agency.

In a letter that was published in the Kyiv Post, Rishi promised to be a friend for life and aid in Ukraine’s transformation into a successful, aspirational, and forward-thinking nation.

It sends a clear message to despots that no matter how the deck may be stacked against them, they will never win, he had added. “Your unflinching fortitude in standing up to aggression has provided hope to peaceful and freedom-loving people throughout the world,” he had said. He said, “We Brits will always be your biggest ally, whatever of the changes here in our nation.

Sunak had sworn to continue helping Ukraine’s valiant warriors and had stated that Britain will continue to offer humanitarian supplies to make sure you have access to food and medicine.

“You will go down in history as a guiding light for liberty. In order to prevent Putin from ever harming your people again, we must work together to make Ukraine even stronger and richer than it was before,” he said.

The then-British Prime Minister reiterated her support for Ukraine amid rising tensions and declared that the nation will stand directly behind the war-torn country in its struggle for freedom.

After a truck explosion on the Crimea road bridge ignited seven gasoline tanks on a train headed for the Crimean Peninsula, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine intensified.

Four years after Moscow occupied Crimea, Russian President Vladimir Putin officially opened the Crimean Bridge in 2018. It was built to connect the peninsula to Russia’s transportation system.

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