Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Satellite images show 64 km-long Russian military convoy outside Kyiv

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New Satellite images released by US satellite imaging company, Maxar Technologies, show the presence of a Russian military convoy stretching 64 km outside Kyiv. The convoy was spotted north of the Ukrainian capital which has reportedly received bombardment from Russian forces since the beginning of the Russian military campaign.

According to a statement by Maxar cited by AFP, the column stretches from Antonov airport in the north of Kyiv to the Ukrainian town of Pyrbirsk. The analysis of the satellite images by the company reveals that the column extends to a distance of 40 miles from Antonov airport to Pyrbirsk.

The images show densely-packed military vehicles in some sections of the convoy with 2-3 vehicles in each row. However, according to Maxar, some vehicles are also “spaced fairly far apart.” Military observers believe the convoy will surround Kyiv to lay siege on Kyiv.

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