Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Savings are becoming less popular and investment is gaining popularity: Sidhavelayutham M

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Sidhavelayutham M, Founder & CEO, Alice Blue recently joined NewsX as part of its special series NewsX India A-List for an insightful and candid interview. In the exclusive interview, Sidhavelayutham M talks about trading, investments and much more.

Sharing his views about how popular discount broking is in India, he said, “Discount broking is totally tech-oriented now, which brings investments to the mobile. People can easily start investing through mobile itself. All the products like mutual funds, equity, etc can be invested through mobile itself. That’s the user-friendliness, which we get through discount broking. We are able to reach more investors and we are charging very little. We charge only Rs. 15 per order. Because of its user-friendliness, it is getting more popular among the millennials as well as the common public. It’s good for everyone to invest and get benefited. “

Talking about his company and the services offered by Alice Blue, Sidhavelayutham M revealed, “We are in the market from 2007 and we are a member of Multi Commodity Exchange, National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, as well as the Central Depository Services Limited. We provide for the clients to invest in equities, commodities, and derivatives, as well as mutual funds, at a free of cost investment.”

The founder-CEO also talked about the current market trends in India. He said, “After the pandemic situation, it has become more popular among the millennials as well as the common public as it came to the mobile. It is so user-friendly that people are looking at more returns so they are able to understand the difference between savings and investment. Now, savings are becoming less popular and investment is gaining popularity. In a long term purpose, people are getting more rewards.”

When asked how much growth can one witness from investing in commodity markets, Sidhavelayutham M exclaimed, “Investors can invest mainly in gold and silver. People who are interested in commodity trading can do well.” He further said, “We have to clearly analyse the balance sheet of the companies and see the future growth of the companies. People are using IPOs as a short term investment as well as long term.”

Speaking about how big the gold trade is in India, he stated, “In India, gold is mostly used as ornaments. The trend with gold is that people can buy gold in a de-mat format and can also convert it to physical gold. People can also start systematic investment and invest in gold.”

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