London: A new device can enable you to use your smartphone touchscreen while wearing gloves.

Glovys is a removable device that bridges the gap between your smartphone and your gloved finger, allowing the capacitive touchscreen to sense changes in pressure.

The device, being developed by Oskar Marko Music in Slovenia, comprises two sheets of film with transparent circuits on them, separated by a small gap.
When users press on the top sheet, the two circuits touch together, creating an electrical discharge which activates the screen.

Glovys does this without using any batteries and without needing to be calibrated in any way, ‘Gizmag’ reported.

The device is attached to the smartphone simply by pressing the sticky pads on all four corners. These sticky pads can be reused and washed, potentially enabling users to mount Glovys to their phone multiple times.

Glovys is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. The estimated retail price of the device is USD 35.

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