Google is not always right!
We all rely on Google when it comes to looking up information about anything, right from collecting information on a pencil to that on a nuclear bomb.
Google, in January 2013 announced its feature of ‘Google’s Direct Answers,’ which helped users get information on the Google webpage. This saved the users from the hassle of clicking to another web page for getting the answers of their search questions.
The feature gives you answers to your searches on the webpage along with the link, which you can click to get further information.
There have been a number of instances when the ‘direct feature’ of Google got wrong in its direct answers. 
For instance, when you type “India’s First Prime Minister,” the first link which opens, shows the image of the present Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. However, the accompanying text correctly talks about Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru being India’s first Prime Minister.
A more serious instance was reported in June, when PM Modi’s image flashed in the search answer for “India’s Top 10 Criminals.” However, Google apologised for the same later.