If you think that flip phones are something you would find in your basement while scrambling for an album your parents buried in the 90’s, then Adele is here to prove that you’re wrong. 
Adele’s new video ‘Hello’, where she smoothly operates a flip phone, is an indication that people haven’t ditched the old model entirely. And with that information, Samsung is now working on a new model of flip phone with intriguing specifications. 
SM-W2016—Samsung’s upcoming flip phone, according to Sammobile is what flip phone lovers should watch out for. The phone will boast two 3.9-inches, 1280×768 pixel displays built on both sides of the cover. And to assault the users with nostalgia, there will be a numeric keypad at the lower part of the phone.   
However, do not be fooled by the concept, because Samsung plans on launching the device with octa-core Exynos 7420 processor, 3GB RAM, 64GB storage, and a primary 16-megapixel camera with a secondary one of 5-megapixels and run the phone on Android Lollipop. Not so 90ish, eh?
Though the concept of flip phones sounds decently archaic, it will be an overstatement if we say that it is completely out of fashion. 
Samsung did release a flip phone in July of this year in Korea even though the phone lacked all the advanced features. China’s regulatory agency TENAA has pictures of the phone with premium specs. 
Though there is no news of when and where Samsung’s SM-W2016 will be released, we should expect it in the market anytime soon.