New Delhi:  Raising a child is the toughest, most responsible role in the world. Parents need to make quick, important decisions all the time: doctors, schools, activities, creams and god knows what else! Internet searches are typically sponsored. Neighbours, friends and family do not always have the answers you need.
With technology taking life to a whole new level, there are a number of smartphone apps to guide and make parents’ life simple and more organised as far as their children are concerned. 
In the crucial years of child development, parents are often confronted with information from different sources which makes decision making more complex. 
To help sieve the wheat from the chaff, apps like BabyChakra feature thousands of quality recommendations on a wide range of services including obstetricians and gynaecologists, maternity hospitals, cord blood banks, paediatricians, play schools, daycares and nanny agencies, activity centres, baby stores, child-friendly restaurants and party managers, to name a few. 
While creating a close-knit network of mothers, BabyChakra also facilitates information sharing by mothers who are local experts: “MomStars”.
Launched on Dec 7, BabyChakra currently caters to parents in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore aims to become an indispensable mobile platform for young parents. 
The app is available for android users for download. 
The platform also has an expert panel of the top gynaecologists, pediatricians, nutritionists, lactation experts, speech therapists and midwives in the country. The platform helps answer questions by members of its community by these experts. Currently, it features over 10,000 local services and serves 2.5 lakh mothers monthly.
“We are also not just search-based, but also are building intelligence to recommend services and content to mothers based on what mothers similar to them are reading and bookmarking,” Talking about the app, Mohit Kumar, Chief Product Officer of BabyChakra, said. 
“Our app is the first parenting app in India that personalizes by life-stage, location and searches by the user,” Mohit Kumar added.
While treating parenting as a 24-hour job BabyChakra incorporates special features such as “Open Now” on services that can cater to mothers during an emergency in the middle of the night.
Responding to the growing need, BabyChakra intends to expand its footprint to eight Indian cities by the end of 2016. Over the next two years, it aims to reach out to 60 percent of the 40 million Indian mothers.
The venture is funded by marquee investors like The Mumbai Angels, Arihant Patni & The Singapore Angel Network.
BabyChakra has won the prestigious Wharton India Economic Forum, Google Launchpad, Business World Young Entrepreneur Awards and the Exhibit Awards.

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