Bengaluru: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) India on Tuesday announced a new class of systems, HPE Synergy, to power the next era of hybrid infrastructure.

Quoting market data, HPE India’s servers business director Vikram K said hybrid combination of traditional IT and private clouds will dominate in the next five years as he introduced HPE Synergy slated to be available anytime between February to April 2016.

“Organisations are looking to capitalize on the speed and agility of the cloud but want the reliability and security of running business critical applications in their own datacentres. With HPE Synergy, IT can deliver infrastructure as code and give businesses a cloud experience in their datacentre,” he said.

Vikram said HPE Synergy is the first platform designed to run both traditional and cloud native applications for companies aiming to derive the benefits of running a hybrid infrastructure.

Designed to physically bring together compute, storage and networking fabric through single interface HPE OneView, HPE Synergy can compose any configuration of physical and virtual resources for any application.

“With a single line of code, HPE Synergy’s innovative composable Application Programme Interface (API) can fully describe and provision the infrastructure that is required for applications, eliminating weeks of time-consuming scripting,” HPE said in a statement.

Vikram said the new system is well suited for organizations aiming to set up a scalable hybrid cloud environment which also facilitates continuous development operations (DevOps).

Reducing overprovisioning and capital expenditure, delivering applications at cloud speed and increasing productivity and control are the major benefits HPE Synergy brings, he said.

With a unified API, HPE Synergy already counts Arista, CapGemini, Chef, Docker, Microsoft, NVIDIA and VMware as its partners.

Cost of HPE Synergy will be revealed during launch time.

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