New Delhi: Omron Healthcare India has launched two new Blood Pressure Monitors (BPM) with Intellisence technology that enables the devices to inflate and deflate at the optimum level for each individual user, offering accurate reading.

The two new BPMs namely HEM-7270 and HEM-7124 will be available across the country, through Omron partner e-commerce portals by the end of January. HEM-7270 is priced at Rs.4,990 while HEM-7124 comes for Rs.2,180.

“The easy-to-use Omron monitors not only measure blood pressure but also detect irregular heartbeats. The blood pressure level indicator helps in easy interpretation of results that can aid patients in taking preventive measures in case the readings are higher than normal,” Hisao Masuda, MD of Omron Healthcare India, said in a statement.

Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7270 detects irregular heartbeat besides indicating blood pressure level bar. The cuff-wrapping guide indicates ‘OK’, if the cuff is wrapped snug and in the right location.

The device has memory for 60 readings with date and time and will be available on Flipkart, and Paytm by the end of this month.

Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7124 is a basic BPM with easy, one-touch operation. The device has memory to store the last-captured reading and indicates in case the blood pressure is higher than normal limits. It also indicates hypertension and detects irregular heartbeat. The device will be available on

Omron Healthcare is a company that makes devices for health monitoring at home.

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