Washington: A new mobile app can help women struggling with fertility problems identify the potential causes and find solutions.

The subscription-based service is a personalised health programme for women that works to identify a variety of underlying factors that could be contributing to the issue at hand.
According to the app’s founder and CEO Kirsten Karchmer, many women do not realise that if they have a short cycle – 26 days or less – they have a 50 per cent less likelihood of conceiving compared with women who have longer cycles.

In Conceivable’s programme, there are some 50 factors that are taken into account in order to build its customised programme, ‘Tech Crunch’ reported.

The app offers its customers personalised meal plans, recipes and shopping lists to aid with their nutritional changes, as well as mind/body exercises, stress management plans, lifestyle recommendations.

Conceivable charges USD 199 per month for access to its service, which puts it well above the price of free cycle-tracking apps, but far below the cost of actually working with a fertility clinic directly and receiving personalised care.

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