Kolkata: A Kolkata-New Delhi Spicejet flight was delayed by about 90 minutes this evening after an MP3 player found inside the handbag of a woman passenger caused a bombscare just before takeoff, airport officials said.

When the plane was taxiing to the runway for takeoff, a woman passenger started screaming that she found the MP3 player in her handbag though it was not hers.

This caused bombscare among the passengers and the crew members informed the pilot about the situation, the officials said.

After consultation with the Air Traffic Control, the aircraft was taken to an isolated bay and the woman, who was flying with her little daughter, was interrogated and the plane checked.

The child informed her mother that she had put the gadget in the bag but it was not clear how she got it.

As nothing suspicious was found, the plane, which was scheduled to leave Kolkata at 7.30 PM, took off at about 9 PM, the officials said. 

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