RPG-ers are pumped for the new ‘Clash of Clans’ update that has been long awaited for over a month and Supercell has revealed a Dark Elixir Troop called the ‘Bowler’.

The biggest ‘Clash of Clans’ update was released last December, which added a Town Hall 11 to the game. This update, however was not too well-liked and caused a lot of drama amongst Clash of Clanners.

The March 2016 Clash of Clans update is set to be just as large and feature packed as the December update. It will be adding a faster and more powerful Inferno Level 4, likely only for Town Hall 11, as well as a level 9 Mortar and attempt to fix Clan Wars and improve matchmaking as a whole.

As part of the latter facet of the updates Supercell is making it so Town Hall 10 and T own Hall 11 players see each other less in matchmaking, as part of their ‘gameplay balancing changes’.

Valkyries will be made stronger faster and more deadly in an attempt to popularize the underused character and finally, higher troop levels will be introduced for Town Hall 10 Valks, Hog Riders, and Golbins.

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While there is a lot to look forward to in the update, more will be revealed once the update goes live. Let’s just hope Supercell doesn’t leave players feeling more scathed than glad, like with the last update.

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